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Dakota's Story

Dakota is a lifetime resident of North Dakota. His heart is here, his story is here, and his purpose is here.

Dakota grew up on a farm and learned to weld like farmers often do: repairing implements and building coral panels in high school. In 1997, he was hired by Stelter Repair in New Leipzig, North Dakota, where he gained almost two decades of experience over hundreds of projects across a number of industries.

By 2010, Dakota was married and raising five children. In 2012, he began dreaming of more time with his family, of work out of the shop and under the open sky. He saved up, wrote a business plan, made a promise to succeed, and launched Reliable Welding, LLC, in March of 2013. 

Since then he has completed hundreds of projects for dozens of commercial, residential, agricultural, and energy industries. He holds certifications in pipe welding, butt welding, and branch welding and has a 100% pass rate on welds subjected to x-ray screening.

Dakota's mission has remained the same since day one. To do what he loves. To keep you up and running. To serve

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