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Why hire a welder when you can do it yourself?

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Although metal is strong and durable, it's still subject to normal wear and tear, leading to problems with function and safety if left untreated. Keeping your metal structures in good repair often requires periodic maintenance, which should be performed by a professional welder.

Although you may be tempted to do it yourself - and there are jobs that can be performed without a trained eye - most significant repair and fabrication projects are more successful when completed by a trained and experienced welder. Here's why.

Professional welders are safe welders. The potential to start a fire, get burned, or even get electrocuted are high without adequate training and safety equipment. Professional on-site welders bring a rig that's fully equipped with all the right equipment for the job, including a fire extinguisher.

Professional welders perform strong repairs. Strong repairs that hold long-term require the right temperature and the right technique, which can take years to learn. Even small errors in temperature or technique can weaken the weld, leaving you in need of repairs again before you're ready.

Professional welders have the right equipment. Because technique and temperature are so important, not all jobs are best served with one machine. Some projects require stick welding while others require wire; without the equipment to do both, you'll end up with weaker welds at higher risk of failing.

Professional welders provide peace of mind. By handing off repair work to a qualified professional you know and trust, you can free up valuable time for more important work.

To hire a professional welder today, call Dakota at Reliable Welding in Dickinson, North Dakota, at 701-400-3732.


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